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training concepts

Here at X Factor Hoops, our training isn't about perfection; it's about embracing the mess. Athletes in our sessions make mistakes, miss shots, and fumble the ball—it's intentional. It's through these gritty moments that they figure out what clicks and what doesn't, addressing the details, ditching bad habits, and adopting the winning ones. Our goal? To help you understand what it takes to practice effectively, to lead and to think like a winner every day. We want you to be able to self-adjust in games when we’re not with you and train yourself when we're not around. Because that’s where the real magic happens—in the work you invest in yourself on your time. If you're not into putting in that solo effort, no hard feelings—we might not be your spot. But if you're up for learning, practicing, and doing what it takes to get better, then let's lace up and get after it!


  • Skill

    Develop your physical ability to play the game of basketball at a high-level

  • Compete

    Do what it takes to win

  • Mentality

    Understand how to mentally navigate any outcomes this game presents you

  • IQ

    Know when to execute your skills to make the right decisions and winning plays