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A Better Game Experience for the Player and the Spectator

our facility

Mass Premier Courts has 6 courts that support basketball, volleyball and pickleball which allows for a diverse range of sports and activities. It's a hub for athletes and sports enthusiasts!

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our specs

  • Top Of The Line Basketball Courts

    Mass Premier Courts offers six regulation size basketball courts. Two of the courts are made of high-quality maple wood, and are similar to the flooring used at the practice facility of the Boston Celtics. The remaining four courts are made of a 14mm “pad and pour” high-end synthetic surface. This is the best synthetic court available on the market providing the most comfortable experience for the players. It is used at the Boston College field house, and the new sports facility at Bridgewater State College. Every basketball player has played on wood and synthetic courts, but none match the quality of Mass Premier’s.

  • State of The Art Hoops

    The hoops are made by Porter Athletics and are their newest model. Each backboard is glass, and each rim features 180 degrees of breakaway capability. T he rims at most facilities are stiff, and can only break away at the front. As a result, not as many shots fall and the paths of the rebounds are errant. The accuracy and simplicity of this adjustable goal make it superior in design and performance for the highest levels of both NCAA and FIBA competition requirements.

  • Superior Lighting

    Gone are the days of poorly lit courts and dark gymnasiums that make both the player and spectator feel as if they are in a dungeon. Mass Premier Courts’ lighting system operates at twice the lumins (the lighting level) at most high schools located in New England. The lighting system at Mass Premier Courts is better than that of most college field houses, and is just shy of the lighting systems of Division 1 colleges and universities, in terms of lumins.

  • A Massive Concession Area

    Spectators and players alike spend far too much time sitting on stiff stools eating stale popcorn while wait- ing for the next game. We have made sure that will not be the case at Mass Premier Courts. Treat yourself to the enormous 4,000 square foot concession area that we have to offer. The concession stand, which offers various foods from an expanded menu, is located in what is the largest sitting area of any indoor basketball facility in New England. Comfort was the mindset in designing the concession area, and to reach that goal the area is fit with couches and televisions.

  • Unparalleled Heating/Air Conditioning/ Ventilation

    Another accommodating feature of Mass Premier Courts is its heating and air conditioning system. This allows year round practice and gaming capability, and helps shield players and spectators from the cold of winter and the humidity of the summer. The temperature can be regulated by the staff, which ensures a comfortable atmosphere for the both the players and spectators. No longer will players be forced to play in uncomfortable temperatures. Mass Premier’s top of the line ventilation system makes it feel as if you are at a first class office building, not a warehouse.

  • A Drawing Of The Floor Plan

    This is an exact drawing of the inside of Mass Premier Courts. The grayish courts are the 14mm “pad and pour” synthetic surface, and the brown courts are the high end maple wood flooring. Each court will be divided by a curtain, which will give the game a more peaceful, rather than chaotic feeling. The bathrooms, located in the middle of the drawing, are near the 4,000 square foot concession area. Above the concession area, and located in the absolute middle of the facility is a 14 foot high catwalk that offers ample space to get a clearer, birds eye view of the action.

Open Gym Time

Mass Premier Courts offers open gym time to anyone interested in playing basketball. The fee is $8. It is recommended that people interested in utilizing our open gym call ahead because open gym time is only offered when our courts are not already booked. If someone comes to Mass Premier Courts to use our open gym and no courts are available they will not be able to play.

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Michael Vaughan

Operational Manager
Main line: 508.543.2626 Ext 1
Direct call or text: 508.718.2367

Kyle Valenzuela

Tournament Director
Main Line: 508.543.2626 Ext 2
Direct call or text: 508.718.2994

Susan Vega

Volleyball Director
Main Line: 508-543-2626
Direct call or text: 856-716-5073