Clinics with Mansfield High School Hornets Boys Team

Mansfield High boys’ basketball have experienced quite a bit of success through their past seasons as Hornets. The high school boys are a remarkable example of mentorship and sportsmanship in our basketball community. The Hornet clinics allow the younger players to engage with the High School Hornets and receive guidance and experience mentors.

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Hornet Clinics involves a mix of skill development drills, friendly competitions and some strategy thoughts. Coaches and older players may lead the sessions, focusing on fundamentals like dribbling, shooting and teamwork.


Hornet Camp brings together passionate players, dedicated coaches and a supportive community. Each day is filled with training sessions, strategic workshops, and thrilling scrimmages. From mastering layups to perfecting defensive techniques, every aspect of the game is covered with enthusiasm. These camps provided the perfect platform for growth, learning and unforgettable memoires on the off the hardwood.