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Mass Premier Courts offers six regulation size basketball courts. Two of the courts are made of high-quality maple wood, and are similar to the flooring used at the practice facility of the Boston Celtics. The hoops are made by Porter Athletics and are their newest model. Each backboard is glass, and each rim features 180 degrees of breakaway capability. T he rims at most facilities are stiff, and can only break away at the front. Spectators and players alike spend far too much time sitting on stiff stools eating stale popcorn while wait- ing for the next game. We have made sure that will not be the case at Mass Premier Courts. Treat yourself to the enormous 4,000 square foot concession area that we have to offer.

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Here at Mass Premier we are getting our Winter season kicked off with one of our favorite programs, Jr. Ballers! In this program we teach basic fundamentals, mini games and even finish off our sessions with a three on three scrimmage! This program is available for students in Kindergarten through 3rd grade. If you happen to be too old for Jr. Ballers do not worry! We have our Holiday Hoop Clinic during Christmas break for athletes in grades 4-8! In this three day clinic we will also work on fundamentals but will have many fun competitive challenges such as, "Hot Shot", "King&Queen of the Court" and many more! Lastly, if you are looking for a team event to participate in, we have two Christmas break tournaments you can participate in! We will be hosting our Holiday Jam-Fest and Killer B tournaments for town travel teams so do not miss out!

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Come and join us for a clinic, league or training. We offer basketball and volleyball for all levels!