AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) basketball is a widely recognized youth basketball organization in the US. It provides a platform for young athletes to participate in competitive basketball tournaments. AAU is an essential part of the youth basketball landscape offering young athlete's opportunities to compete, develop their skills and pursue their basketball aspirations.


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check back soon for fall tryouts

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About MP AAU/Club Program

Practice 2x/week

  • Welcome to Mass Premier Courts AAU/Club! 
    We are the most successful “Home Based” program in the state and invite you to be part of Mass Premier Courts AAU!

    Our Unique "Home Base" program is the first in the state. All of our teams operate out of our facility located in Foxboro on the Mansfield town line minutes off the route 495/route 95 interchange. Our entire program is designed to develop not only the complete basketball player, but the complete student athlete as well. We also firmly believe in stressing the importance of good sportsmanship through competition. Our staff is held to the highest level of professionalism. All of our programs, their goals, objectives, as well as player selection are constantly reviewed by our staff of coaches.

Mass Premier Courts AAU Program:

Last Updated December 2023

Frequently asked questions


Try Outs

Q: Which team should my son try out for?

A: It is grade based league, the current grade your child is in.


Q: What if my child cannot make all of the try outs?

A: You can contact Basketball@masspremiercourts.com and they can help see if another date/time will work to be evaluated.


Q: How are coaches selected?

A: If we have multiple candidates for a certain age group interviews will be held.

Background checks are done on all coaches including CORI and SORI checks.

For the youngest age groups our main goal is to obtain positive role models with basketball knowledge, as players get older we look for positive role models that are more intense and will motivate and push

the players to be the best they can be.


Q: How do you evaluate players to ensure each player gets a fair try


A: Players are put through basic basketball drills to evaluate the skills of

shooting, passing, dribbling, rebounding, and defense.


Q: What type of experience should a player have before trying out for a

Mass Premier Team?

A: Players can have wide variety of basketball experience. It is important to

remember because we are drawing from multiple communities. AAU is more

competitive than most town travel teams.


Q: My child plays another sport (Baseball, Softball, Lacrosse, Football

etc.) – would they be able to play AAU Basketball also?

A: Yes they can still play AAU basketball. Practices are held in the evenings

between 6:00pm-9:00pm and games are on weekends. Each coach has a different policy

on practice and game attendance. It is important to let the coach know

beforehand if you are unable to attend a practice or game. It is also important

to keep in mind that players who are unable to attend practice will also miss out

on understanding what was covered in practice (ex: a particular play). This is

important to understand because it could affect playing time.


Q: What is the difference between the Team leagues you run and the AAU Program?

A: The AAU program is much more competitive than the Team League because

it involves players from different communities playing on the same team resulting in

a better talent pool. The Team League will consist of teams from one town that

register together playing teams from other towns.


Q: How does tryout registration work?

A: You must register for tryouts online in advance. The fee for

registering online at least a day in advance is $40.00. NO walk in registration. Registrations must be completed at least 1

hour before the start of the tryout.


Team Selection

Q: How will the players be selected?

A: Through the tryout process players will be evaluated on their basketball skills,

knowledge, athleticism, and attitude. Coaches and evaluators will weigh all these

factors in selecting team members.


Q: If my child did not play for a Mass Premier Team last year would

they still be able to make a team this year?

A: Yes, they will be given a fair opportunity to make the team. Most players that

made a team last year will likely make a team again, however it is important to

remember that each year new players and potentially new talent will be trying

out. Every player trying out will be given a fair chance.


Q: If I don't make a team do I get my tryout fee back?

A: Refunds will not be given to players who do not make the team. The fee is for

the opportunity to try out for the team.


Q: Who selects which players make a team?

A: Evaluators are assigned to each court to evaluate all players trying out for the

team. Head coach, assistant coaches and evaluators will select teams.


Q: My child was cut, and I believe my son or daughter was a better

player than players who did make the team.

A: Deciding who makes each team is not an exact science. Each evaluator/coach will do their best to identify the top players. It is important to remember that all teams need different kinds of players to be successful.


Q: My son or daughter is very upset over not making a team; what should I say to him or her?

A: We understand that getting cut from a team is a heartbreaking experience for

any child. It is important that you explain to your child that if they gave their

best effort that is what is important. Many good players have been cut at one

time or another, Michael Jordan was once cut from his high school team. Players

should evaluate the areas that they need improvement in and work at those

particular areas. We created the Developmental League to help players improve for the following year.


Q: How many teams per age bracket will there be?

A: Most age brackets will have one to three teams depending on the number of

coaches and players at each level. The number of teams at each age level will

vary depending on the number of potential players and coaches prior to tryouts.


When you have been selected for a Team

Q: How many times a week do teams practice?

A: Teams will practice one or two times per week depending on the coach.


Q: Are players required to attend all practices?

A: Each coach will determine this for their team.


Q: How much travel is required to play AAU?

A: Most tournaments will be within one hour of driving distance from Mass

Premier Courts. Not every team will play in every tournament, but most teams play in

many of our own tournaments. The number of tournaments each team plays in

and the location of the tournaments really depends on the coach. If a team

qualifies for the State Tournament or National Championship, then travel may

become much more extensive.


Q: How does AAU basketball compare to travel team basketball?

A: Participation in the Mass Premier AAU basketball program is an elevated level

of competition from travel basketball. Teams are comprised of the best players

from a variety of towns making competition much tougher.


Q: If I am selected to a team do I have to participate?

A: If selected to a team it is an option to decline your spot on the team. AAU is

a commitment so please be sure that you are going to be able to make a

commitment when you are trying out. You will be asked for a deposit to secure

your spot on the team shortly after the tryout.


Q: Do I have to play in all the games?

A: No, you are not required to play in all games although your team fee will

remain the same.


Q: How long is the AAU season?

A: The AAU runs from March until mid June (Spring) and September –November

(Fall). If your team qualifies for the National or plays in additional tournaments

then the season may be extended.


Q: When do I have to make payment for playing on the AAU Team?

A: All payments are made after the team selection. Payment schedule is as follows: $500 deposit in March

$200 due in April

$200 due in May

$200 due in June



Cost & practice info

Practice 2x/week

Payment Plan
Within 48 hours of invite: $500 deposit
April 15: $200.00 due
May 15: $200.00 due
June 15: $200.00 due
Practice Information
Practices will begin in March
Location: Mass Premier Courts
Teams will practice twice a week
Schedule TBD


We have a variety of opportunities for athletes to participate in private lessons. Please visit the XFactor Training Tab on our website.